44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

23. Instead of having kids clean their rooms to search for missing laptops, $6k+ was spent on new ones.

“Friend asked me to help him do some in-home tech support for one of his clients. This client has 24-hour on-premise security. You don’t wander around in as much are escorted from place to place.

I forget the exact task that he needed me to do but know it required me to go to each family member’s laptop and do some stuff (upgrade, install new software, etc.).

The parents’ laptops were left in the kitchen. They were first to be taken care of. The kids’ devices were in their rooms and I get escorted up to that wing to work on them.

Each room is a complete mess; clothes everywhere, toys, etc. I find this quite refreshing as even with live in house-keeping the kids are responsible for their own areas and it ends up looking like pretty much every other young adults room.

Anyway, the first laptop is a brand-new fully loaded MacBook Pro (or whatever the top of the line Apple was at the time) and needs to be configured for their home network. No biggie. Got the info I needed and set it up.

Me and my shadow proceed to the second room, which is in a similar condition to the first. Again, I find a brand-new laptop, same model as the first. After I am done with it, we are just about to walk out of the room and I catch a glimpse of two other laptops on the floor with junk piled on top of them.

I inquire if I should also take care of them. My inquiry goes from me to security to the client and then back through the guard to me:

‘Oh, you found them? We thought they were lost so we got new ones for the kids.’

TL;DR: Instead of having kids clean their rooms to search for missing laptops, $6k+ was spent on new ones.”



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