44 Infuriating Stories Of Rich Kids Acting Like Complete Spoiled Brats

21. He told several professors that he ‘paid for an A so he damn well better get it.’

“I went to a private school for high school, so we had a lot of those ‘crashed one fancy car and daddy bought them a new one’ kind of stories floating around. But I didn’t know any of them personally.

Then I went to a private college. Suddenly most of my classmates seemed to be these people. The worst by far was this guy my roommate dated for a while:

Had a really nice car but had no idea how to take care of it. When it started to have trouble, he dropped it in front of a friend’s house and had his parents buy him a new one.

Spilled a drink all over someone’s computer and when they got upset, he laughed and told them they could just get a new one.

Told several professors that he ‘paid for an A so he damn well better get it.’ (In poetry class, WTF dude, that was the easiest A ever.)

Didn’t understand why my roommate went home for a weekend to help her dad after surgery. He asked her why she didn’t ‘have people for that.’

Threw away his textbooks when he was done with them. (I dug through his trash with his roommate and we split the haul even-Stevens.)

And so, so much more. He didn’t last long as my roommate’s boyfriend nor as anyone’s friend. I don’t think he ever graduated. Weirdly, he had a twin sister who was very sweet and down to earth, so I have no idea how that happened.”


22. His mom kept buying him cars, and he kept skipping class.

“Old roommate signed up for classes at the community college. Never. Not once went to class. Obviously failed. His mom got mad and over the phone he explained to her that the reason he failed was his car wasn’t good enough (2012 Ford which was fine) and needed a new one. So his mom buys him a brand-new car (2016). He signs up for classes the next semester. And still ends up never going to class.”



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