40 Dumb And Damaging Things Parents Do To Their Kids

Found on AskReddit.

1. Comparing them to other kids.

“Comparing your kids to other kids.”


2. Comparing them to their siblings.

“Comparing siblings to each other.

My brother was always the problem child and I was the ‘smart’ one. My parents told us this all the time. AT first it made me feel good to be called the better kid- but then I realized that my brother resented me immensely, I couldn’t keep up with the impossible standards my parents set, it was difficult trying to be the perfect daughter all the time, and every minor thing I did wrong was treated like I murdered someone.

It made my brother insecure and unhappy, and I suspect that’s a reason why he got into drugs and doesn’t speak to me anymore. It made me a panicky, anxious perfectionist.

Please, don’t compare your kids to one another. It sucks for both the ‘bad’ kid and the ‘good’ one.”


3. ‘When I was your age…’

“‘When I was your age.’…”


4. ‘Because I said so.’

“Saying ‘because I said so.’ My dad and mom did this to me and I hated it. So now with my daughter, she knows exactly why I say no to something.”


5. ‘Because I’m the parent.’

“Using ‘because I’m the parent’ as reasoning for absolutely anything and everything. My mom always pulled that line, and I never respected when she would discipline me because I couldn’t understand why. Parents – PLEASE use logical reasoning with your children. If you’re going to punish them (or make any choice that will ultimately effect your child’s life) you better damn well have a reason why”


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