30 Ex-Convicts Recall Their Most Terrifying Prison Experience

29. Having to be alone with just your thoughts for a majority of the day.

“Having to be alone with just your thoughts for a majority of the day. Much like everyone else in jail, my thoughts are negative and self-destructive, and being alone with them for extended periods of time does more harm than good.

If you show signs of harming yourself, they take more of your rights away (blankets, sleeping pads, toilet paper). That only leads to more destructive thoughts.

Then when you get out they make you walk three miles to the impound where they hold your car for ransom even though they could have just left it in the parking lot where they arrested you (right next to the station).

The scary part to me is that this shit is legal. If I pulled someone out of their car, kidnapped them, took away everything they own, yelled at them, threatened them if they possessed any more plant matter, took their car and held it for ransom, then I would probably be considered a very dangerous person. Yet police do this on a daily basis. Think about that and how scary it is that people actually support this criminal activity.”


30. You’re a body, that’s it.

“Never had a problem with the other inmates, just the authority.

They do what they want, and you gotta take it, unless you’re dumb and wanna make your stay worse.

This was just in county; the authority does not give a shit. You’re a body, that’s it.”

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