28 People Admit How They Accidentally Caused Someone Else To Die

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These stories from Ask Reddit are devastating.
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1. I lost my grip on her and she fell into rocks near the river

“I was skiing with my friends on a school trip. As we went to sit on the chair lift, our skis locked. The way that happened meant that one of my friends ended up siting on top of the other. The lift operator didn’t stop the lift and we couldn’t get off by the time we realized what was happening. It was my job to pull the ski bar down but I couldn’t due to the positing of people in the lift. Long story short, my friend ended up slipping and I was holding onto her as she dangled off the lift. I was wearing thick skiing gloves so my grip on her was loose. She was screaming so much but she stopped for a second, looked me in the eye and said: ‘Please don’t let go’. And then my grip gave in and she fell about 4 stories into some rocks near a river. We were shouting at the lift operator but he was too slow to react. The girl died from internal bleeding and shock, as he legs twisted in a fucked up way when she landed. She went into cardiac arrest and died. I was questioned profusely by the police and was treated as a suspect. I was bullied endlessly, both online and IRL. In the end I blamed myself and I still do to this day. This really is the nutshell version but out of respect to people involved, I wont give any details, since it was only 4-5 years ago.” — kungfusaini

2. A man handed me a rifle, which went off and killed his daughter

“Warning: This is a fucked-up story, with only losers.

I was 14 years old, it was a Sunday afternoon, somewhere in Europe. I was returning from a soccer match with my dad and two neighbors, friends of my dad. Going through my neighborhood, we met a new neighbor, they had moved in a few weeks earlier. He was returning from a hunting trip, and was unloading a couple of rifles from his car. We said hello, and chatted for a bit. Curious, 14 year old me couldn’t take my eyes of the rifles, I had never before seen anything like it up close. He noticed, and asked if I wanted to hold it. Of course I wanted too! My father and one of the others asked something along the lines of, ‘It isn’t loaded, I presume?’  The hunter said, ‘Of course it isn’t!’ and handed me the gun. The moment I took it, it went off, hitting his 7-year old daughter, who came running from the backside of the house, more or less in the middle of the chest. She was dead before the ambulance arrived. She was their only child, and had celebrated her 7th birthday just days prior.

The aftermath was a lot of police, investigations and a generally bad time. It felt like I fell down a dark, empty hole, and shut myself completely in. I don’t remember much from the years that followed, I existed, but that was it.

Legally, I was acquitted, everyone agreed that the hunting neighbor had stated the gun wasn’t loaded, and that he practically insisted on me holding it. The hunter himself got some kind of suspended jail sentence.

The years since has been bad for most involved. The hunter was divorced from his wife shortly after. I heard he got some kind of depression and apparently has been in and out of a mental hospital. His wife is consumed by hatred, and shows up to threaten me any time she can find me. I have moved repeatedly, and even changed my name, but she still find me regularly. I have filed several court orders against her, and she is forbidden to come closer than a few km from me, but that doesn’t stop her. She has never hurt me physically, though, but she usually say that she’ll kill me one day.

My father took this very hard, and was in dark place for years. He is now retired, and spends most of his time doing various volunteer work for youth organizations and the like. I know it his way of doing some kind penance. My mother died a few years ago, and was an amazing support for me, even though we never discussed the incident or the dead girl.

I was never able to get back into any kind of meaningful education, barely managing to finish my country’s version of high school. I now live and work with my brother, and I’m doing kinda OK. I never speak to anyone about this, except my father.” — ChldShooter_ThrAway

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