27 Things Women Will Never Understand About Men (According To 27 Men)

15. Two guys can get into a fight and nearly immediately after become friends.

“The ability for two guys to get into a fight and nearly immediately after become friends. There’s a bond that gets built from punching someone in the face.”


16. Society puts a lot of pressure on us to ‘be a man.’

“Just how much pressure we feel to be a man, not from women but from each other as well. The competitive nature we have with each other and how self-destructive it can be if we don’t feel like were accomplishing something. masculinity can be a real double-edged sword, and often times when your struggling with your problems I know from experience it feels like there isn’t a place to vent.

I feel like most men don’t even understand the problems inherent with our fucked-up culture of masculinity let alone women and men.”


17. We crave compliments, too.

“That as men we crave compliments. Nothing will make us happier then to be told we look good, smell good, etc.

This is why, I believe at least, why we men tend to compliment women too much sometimes. We sometimes over use the golden rule, we treat women as we want to be treated.

I have worked with some pretty attractive men who would get hit on often which was nothing for them but the second someone actually complimented them they lit up like a god damn gorgeous Christmas tree.”


18. When you play hard to get, we just assume you’re not interested.

“Most mature girls/women seem to understand but there’s still a fairly large subset who think that playing hard to get works. Perhaps it does on other guys.

I just say, ‘Oh you’re not interested’ and move on. It’s always funny when a few weeks later, her friend will ask me why I ghosted on the girl and tell me she wanted me to chase her and make her feel wanted.

I was like me taking her on a dinner date and trying to schedule a follow up date multiple times didn’t make her feel wanted?”


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