27 Things Women Will Never Understand About Men (According To 27 Men)

4. Almost all of us view you as an actual human being; we don’t ‘objectify’ you.

“We 100% sincerely do not give a single solitary fuck about:

99% of your insecurities. You can safely drop 99% of your insecurities you have when interacting with men. We’re not looking at the small smudge on your shoe and thinking look at this tramp,’ we’re not judging you on the hue of your makeup product that we don’t even know exists.

Mind games. Don’t read too closely into what we say, every comment about some arbitrary action of yours is not some Sex and The City pseudo-intellectual jab at who you are as a human being.

Almost all of us view you as an actual human being, we don’t ‘objectify’ you, be more confident in the workplace. Yes, your opinion matters. No, no one is conspiring against you because you’re a woman. The only time I can see this being an issue is when like a female is artificially placed on a company’s board of directors for the sole purpose of being a female, but even then we don’t give that much of a shit, we’re cool with it after 2 seconds.

A confident woman is a poor man’s Viagra.”


5. We don’t talk with each other about our girlfriends’ vaginas like you constantly talk with each other about guys’ dicks.

“In my experience, I’ve never chatted with the guys about my SO’s vagina. The fact that my ex had in depth conversations with her work friends regarding my penis is weird. And no, even if Sean isn’t REALLY a dickhead, I have no interest in what your friend has to say about his junk.”


6. Rejection hurts and is embarrassing.

“We don’t drop off the face of the earth after you reject us because we are angry. We do it because rejection hurts and is quite embarrassing.”


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