26 Realtors Reveal The Disturbing History Behind The Haunted Houses They Were Forced To Sell

19. The basement used to be a morgue

“A historic building I used to lease apartments for was formally an insane asylum and prior to that was a hospital. The building itself is on the national historical registry. Thankfully I never had a bad experience here except for one unsettling thing in a stairwell but I did meet people over the years with stories. Anyways, certain things are required for historical landmarks and restoration tax credits in this particular city so in many of the apartments had to maintain certain features of the original design/architecture like some old tile was still on the walls and floors. The thing that creeped me out was the basement. Even after 50+ years on most days you could catch a whiff of formaldehyde. Some days were more pungent and distinct than others. Of course being the basement it also had the addition of that musty basement smell. Since this was once a hospital obviously it had a morgue. There are a handful of apartments in the basement and the original tile on the floor marked where the morgue actually started. In one of those apartments there is a bedroom with incredibly spacious walk-in closets. If you haven’t already figured it out these two massive closets are the old body lockers with the original latches on the walls next to the entrance to the closets. I still for the life of me cannot understand how anyone could live in that apartment because I wouldn’t even go into that apartment by myself.” — Player_Haterz_Ball

20. A young man killed himself inside of the apartment

“The flat opposite my house was occupied for a couple of years by a lovely young man, long hair, Goth clothing (may not be the right word, but fuck it, I’m old), super polite if a bit reserved.

He hanged himself in the flat one day. I only found out afterwards that he had had a liver transplant some years before and was worried his new liver was failing.

I wish I could have helped him. I used to see him at my doctors surgery (I had a new and sickly baby and was there a lot, so was he) but we just said hi, how are you, etc. So sad for him.

The flat has been occupied since by a succession of young couples, I’ve never said a word in case it troubles them but I’ve tried harder since to let them know I’m there if they ever need a friend. Being young and just starting out can be lonely.” — GreyhoundMummy

21. There was a secret passage hidden somewhere unseen

“That there was a ‘secret passageway and stairs’ between bedrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors that no one now could find, but it was there, well hidden.” — Back2Bach


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