26 Realtors Reveal The Disturbing History Behind The Haunted Houses They Were Forced To Sell

16. They found a dead body years later

“Property inspection turned up a dead body in the attic, it was a suicide, someone hung them self. Home owner thought her husband had left her years ago…

I guess he did.” — colonrody

17. Someone was brutally shot and died of blood loss

“My father was speaking with the previous owner about anything he is needs to know about the house. The previous owner starts mentioning that a man who lived in the house as a tenant was brutally shot and only made it to the backyard before he had dies from loss of blood. This house is located in a very bad area of our city so shootings are not at all uncommon. Fast forward a few years and we find out that one of the people living in our house was selling drugs. The drug dealer is eventually arrested in that house leaving his wife, mother in law, and daughter in the house. Few years more and we needed to kick out our tenants because they hadn’t paid rent for months. A few nights after my parents went to go tell the tenants to leave or else they were gonna get kicked out. The house burst into flames. A very large portion of the house was in ruins. All the kitchen, one of the rooms. and most of the living room burnt to a crisp. Luckily the insurance covered the damage. Thankfully the house has been sold. Last thing that i heard about it is our now ex-tenant ( a new one) was not paying rent and got into a very nasty fist fight with the people in the neighborhood. he got into the house completely covered in blood and bruises. They had to call the ambulance to save the guy too. A small word of advice people. If you are going to buy a house ALWAYS take location into account. Sometimes buying a house in a dangerous neighborhood for a cheaper price can prove to be a big mistake.” — EveryDayRay

18. They locked their children in the basement

“I’ve been doing this job for a while now. The thing that scares me most is how often I find the locks reversed on bedroom/basement doors.

There’s lots of shitty parents out there.” — CubbieBlue66


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