26 Realtors Reveal The Disturbing History Behind The Haunted Houses They Were Forced To Sell

13. Prostitutes used to work inside the house

“These are mostly from the commercial side, but here goes (various, Florida mainly):

Crack house/apartment complex where the previous owner was in jail for fraud.

Previous owner killed in officer-involved shooting.

Current owner was a ward of the state due to advanced dementia and family drama.

Site was owned by relatives who can’t get along with one another.

Homophobic dad tried to screw his gay son out of their apartment building and shopping center.

Tax fraud.

Migrant farmworker housing with open code violations (the owner preferred illegal immigrants because ‘if they complain, they’ll get deported so they keep shut’).

‘No-tell motel.’

Owner sponsored jet ski racing.

Tenant sponsored jet ski racing, including the same riders as above (this is a totally different property in a different municipality).

Neighbor sponsored jet ski racing, including the same riders as above (seeing a theme? Welcome to Florida).

Shop/apartment where previous tenants were crackheads who repeatedly burglarized the shop.

Code violations, code violations, code violations.


We once did a Pentecostal church, too. Not during services.” — 19djafoij02

14. The basement contained a torture room

“I’m a contractor and recently dismantled what seemed to be a torture room in the basement of a house some clients were selling. Creepy broken mirror included.” — groel220

15. The house was repeatedly broken into

“I work in property management on the rental side, and would frequently do post move out walks to assess damages from previous renters, and make ready lists for new ones.

There was a house on my list that had been vacant for a while in a semi seedy area, not a huge deal by any means as it’s the middle of the day. I go to the front door, and it was stuck shut. Shoulder checked it a few times, and it would give a little but I couldn’t get it open, like furniture or something was barring the way.

So I walk around back and completely ignore he broken storm door (oops) leading up to the other entry. The second I open the door I notice three guys standing in the living room around a table. One conveniently had a gun pointed directly at me.

I apologized, and politely let myself out. No more than ten seconds after I get into my car, our maintenance calls warning me that the property has been broken into half a dozen times already and I shouldn’t go in alone.

Wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but certainly the scariest.” — Turkeyhuts


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