26 Realtors Reveal The Disturbing History Behind The Haunted Houses They Were Forced To Sell

10. A dead baby was found inside of the wall

“This involves a couple who bought a house in the 1980’s. They called me a couple year ago wanting to sell. As we’re talking, the wife starts telling me about her difficult pregnancies and how she’d been pregnant many times but lost them all. I feel bad for her, but I’m wondering what this has to do with anything. The husband pipes up and says, ‘After the last one, I didn’t know what to do… I came home and the first thing I thought to do was remodel the kitchen… I had to break something!’ He goes on about his impromptu kitchen demolition (dishes still in the cabinets and everything). The guy was devastated that they’d lost another baby. Anyway, he says he’s ripping out a corner and he always knew there was a dead pocket there because the span was like 3 feet, but the closet behind it was only 2 feet deep. He rips out the drywall and finds a ball of cloth. As he pulls back the layers, he realizes it’s the skeleton of a baby. It was wrapped up with a teddy bear. He called the police and said they never got any follow-up on it.” — Myzyri

11. A ghost haunted the house where a man died

“My dad moved into a house where we later learned that the previous owner’s son killed himself. There was no saying as to whether he lived in the house, but we do know which bedroom was his.

I’m not into paranormal nonsense but my sister had that room. Before we learned about the son killing himself, she had all sorts of weird things happening in the room, alarms going off at odd hours of the night, the tv just turns on/shuts off whenever it feels like it (especially weird when it’s at night and you’re alone)

I don’t like going up there for that reason.

The previous owner also came home one day to catch his wife cheating on him and started shooting at them. He missed them and you can still see the bullet marks in the wall of the master bedroom.” — spaghatta111

12. His body was decomposing from the heat

“Didn’t sell the house but was managing an apartment and walked in on a guy who was in bed decomposing for two weeks over the worst heat wave in years.

His head was partially melted into the pillow and his back was full of maggots. Had a couple stiff ones that night.

Walked through a house where a hoarder lived and was attacked by fleas and saw a rat in the master bedroom the size of a football. Noticed droppings on the bed too. Lady had been living there her entire life and never threw anything away. Apparently, couldn’t get rid of the rat either.

I’ve flipped and helped with flips and sales since I was 18. I can go on and on and on with the conditions I’ve seen people living in and the history behind them.” — avettwhore


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