26 People On The Creepiest Show That Ever Aired On Television

Do you remember these TV shows that completely freaked out everyone from Ask Reddit?
Unsplash / Sven Scheuermeier

1. Are You Afraid Of The Dark

“When I was little, there was a show called ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark.’ All the episodes were creepy, but the one that really got to me was about a man who could never sleep, because the ghosts of the people who’s graves he robbed when he was a diver would emerge from the sea to get him.

I don’t know exactly why that episode got to me, but it absolutely terrified me and gave me nightmares for years.” — Lilebi

2. Supernatural

“The episode of Supernatural where it turned out to NOT be ghosts, but creepy ass children living in the walls. Nope.” — Astronaut67

3. Twilight Zone

“Twilight zone – 20,000 feet up.

Basically this guy finds a ‘gremlin’ on the wing of his plane but nobody believe him because he was just released from a psych ward. 10/10 scared the shit out of my when I was a kid.” — FatDabsIsGod

4. Criminal Minds

“Criminal Minds episode called The Uncanny Valley I think. This girl kidnaps younger girls and keeps them incapacitated but awake, dresses them as dolls, and plays with them as dolls. What makes it really creepy is the music that plays. And just the fact that the girls are awake during this nightmare.” — LuxxxLisbonnn


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