26 Night Shift Workers Share Their Spookiest Paranormal Stories

If you’re easily spooked, then you probably shouldn’t work the night shift. These Ask Reddit users learned that the hard way.

24. Items in the store moved all on their own

“I worked at kohl’s for two year and right before Christmas, there would be a shit ton of new merchandise so they usually had a team of about 12 people stay over night one night and get the new Christmas merch out. I volunteered and we were winding down at about 2:30 am.

I’m in the back near the bedding which in my particular store was right beside the stock room in the back corner of the store. There’s an end cap with some picture frames that were on clearance to my left and I’m trying to stuff in some comforters a few aisles away. I get done and back up to look at my awful job and a picture from just tips over and crashes to the floor. No one was around me. Nothing even touched the picture frames.

I was too tired to care so I went to the back to grab a broom and dustpan from the housekeeping closet. This closet is in the way, way back of the stock room. And we have these conveyor belts that you hang clothes on and will take them around a track close to the ceiling so our stock room wouldn’t be packed with clothes. Housewares and stuff were on the shelves but the clothes hung in plastic bags from the conveyor belt at the ceiling. So I turn the corner to the closet and there’s one bag of women’s clothes just swinging away up above me. No other bags were swinging and this thing was loud. If anyone had just used it, I would have heard.

By now, I’m wide awake and freaked out. I grabbed the broom and ran outside to where the broken picture frame was. But it had been picked up. There was no glass, despite me hearing it shatter and I couldn’t get any of the other employees to admit they cleaned it up.

I never worked an overnight shift after that and I always got super creeped out using the conveyor belt.” — SmashleePimpson


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