26 Night Shift Workers Share Their Spookiest Paranormal Stories

If you’re easily spooked, then you probably shouldn’t work the night shift. These Ask Reddit users learned that the hard way.

13. My coworker randomly went missing

“I’m the first guy to come in the morning and make sure the nightshift guy didn’t get kidnapped/die/ etc. one day I come in and his car is there, but he is not there. I check the cameras, here is the creepy part. at 11:26 he sat bolt upright, started crying really badly, and bolted out of the store. He had worked that position for 2 years so there is nothing to scare him. He is still missing. Scares me to this day.” — Rude_magic_8_ball

14. I heard my colleague’s voice at the exact moment she died

“I was working nightshift at UPS unload as a manager there I had radio with me to co-ordinate with the incoming trucks. The basic process just, so there is a little context to my story is that when a truck comes in I have to say which bay they came in through so the monitors can track the package’s next destination.

Now that being said, at that time a colleague of mine used to bring breakfast. When she arrived, she would announce it on the radio so that we could all come down and partake in the feast.

So as one of my trucks was coming into the bay I heard it loud and clear that there was food, so I started to make my way down to the break room to get myself something to eat. But when I arrived there was no one there, I got on the radio to ask about my colleague and there was no answer. I called her on her cell phone and there was no answer. At this point I am thinking I am about to be the butt of someones joke.

Fast forward the story to the following and I found out that she had died in a car accident the same time I heard the announcement. That news when it hit me really started to scratch my head to what I heard. I am 100% sure I heard her voice on the radio that day, and not matter how many times I think about I am sure that it was her voice I heard.

I am believe there are things out there that we as humans are not meant to understand or will never understand. But this is something really interesting to me.” — Howzer_663


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