26 Night Shift Workers Share Their Spookiest Paranormal Stories

If you’re easily spooked, then you probably shouldn’t work the night shift. These Ask Reddit users learned that the hard way.

11. I went to the hospital for a concussion that a ghost gave me

“I used to work the night shift at a 24 hour breakfast joint. Every night, I would hear one of the toilets in the women’s restroom flush periodically, when no one was in there. They weren’t​ automatic, either. Another time, there was a rack of silverware on top of the chemical cage, pushed all the way back to the wall. I walked past it, and it was like it got shoved away from the wall, over the raised edge of the chemical cage, and onto my head. I had to go to the hospital for a concussion. The security footage creeped out the DM.” — 12lawliet12

12. A clothing rack fell to the floor during the strangest moment

“I was doing a floor set at a large retail store. A friend and I were discussing favorite horror movies. The song from nightmare on elm street came to mind and we both started singing it. As soon as we got to ‘9-10 never sleep again’ a whole rail of clothing that was hanging on the wall fell to the floor. We weren’t even near it nor had we touched it or messed with it that whole night

Really damn creepy. We always said that store had a ghost because there was other creepy shit that’s happened there. We named it Toby.” — ZedbraZ


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