26 Night Shift Workers Share Their Spookiest Paranormal Stories

If you’re easily spooked, then you probably shouldn’t work the night shift. These Ask Reddit users learned that the hard way.

10. Call bells went off inside of empty rooms

“I work nights in the locked unit of our nursing home. This is where the worse off people in the facility are (dementia, behavioral problems, mental illness etc) so pretty much I’m locked alone in a long dark hallway and check in on everyone throughout the night. Its a very large 3 story building and this wing is an isolated half of the top floor. Nobody likes working back there especially at night because the patients are harder to take care of and lets be real.. it does get spooky back there. Being locked it has this claustrophobic feel that creeps you out anyway so when something happens it’s enough to really scare the crap out of you. Here’s some of my stories:

1) I hear a man shout “hey, come over here” from the dead end of a hallway. No men on that hall and all patients asleep. No tv’s on, no radios, no logical explanation. Found out when I told someone the story there was a patient who died right before I started that would come to the door and call for help just like that. They even described voice the patient had and it matched what I heard.

2) Had a patient die that was very rude and always telling people what to do back there kind of bossing around the other patients. Would tell people to speak louder or shut up etc etc. My husband (works in a separate unit of the same building) and I were talking in the hall outside of her old room and I our conversation is interrupted by a loud SHUSH! That sounded exactly like when she would hush up other residents. Sounded like it was right next to us. Again nobody in the hall but us, patients asleep.

3) Had a patient moved into a shared room. The woman she moved in with wasn’t always friendly to her (swing on her if she took food from the others plate etc). Not long after moving into the shared room she passed away in there. Suddenly her less-than-friendly room mate was TERRIFIED to sleep in that room. She lived in there alone before, hadn’t seen the death and was probably too far gone dementia wise to even remember she had a room mate..but was still TERRIFIED of that room at night. Refused to go to bed (which used to be hard to get her out of) and if you did get her to lay down she would scream “don’t turn off the lights! Don’t turn off the lights!”. She would spend most of the night trying to get out of the room and stay out and this was all nuts because she was someone who liked to be in bed and left alone in her room most of the time. One night she made it all the way out into the hall walking without her wheel chair, almost falling over but determined to get out of that room struggling the whole way and putting up a fight when I tried to turn her around to go back into the room to sit down. She was out of breath and there was pure fear in her eyes like I’ve never seen. I took her to watch tv and she slept in a recliner in the tv room with me no problems. This lasted about a month after her room mate died and didn’t stop until she moved rooms. The general theory is that her departed room mate was getting revenge.

4) People DO see their family and loved ones when they’re about to die. When they start seeing and talking to family/talking to things not there that’s how you know it’s about to happen.

5) Call bells DO go off in empty rooms, even the kind you have to physically pull down to sound and push back up to turn off, and even in locked rooms.

6) This scares me the most..there’s something back there that bothers my residents at night. I have a greek woman who doesn’t speak English at the far end of my hall. She’ll be talking up a storm (no idea what she’s saying) but it’ll be loud enough to hear all the way down the hall. When I go down to check on her she stops talking and pretends to sleep, starting back when I walk away. This will continue for a while and she’ll stop talking and go to sleep…a few minutes later the woman in the next room will start talking to something. When she stops the woman across the hall will start talking to something. They aren’t just mumbling either it’s a conversation. Talk then pause to listen then talk again. And no two are doing it at the same time and they’re all in separate rooms with various levels of dementia so it’s not like they discuss it or know what’s going on in the other rooms. Its literally like someone (or something) is going down the hall room to room waking people up to talk until they fall asleep then going to the next. They also all always talk about “that man”. “That man was in my room”. “That man is standing in the corner behind you” “That man told me to”. Again, all saying the same thing without knowing the others are seeing the same. Happens on a very regular basis and never stops being creepy. I wonder what “he” says to them.

Sorry so long. As creepy as my job is I couldn’t pick just one. Any who now that I’ve written this all down… anybody know of any good job openings?” — Jenesaisquoi4


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