26 Horror Fans On The Film That Left Them Feeling Uneasy Even After It Ended

17. Frailty

“Spoilers: Frailty is such an under appreciated gem of a horror film. It’s ending was so powerful because you never even considered that Bill Paxton’s character was anything but insane.” — Population-Tire

18. Sinister

“Fantastic sound design, fantastically eerie music that sets the scene, and a perfect example of implying gruesome violence rather than showing it.” — Nightowl21

19. The Hills Have Eyes

“If you watched that movie and weren’t scared you were probably one of those hill people.” — purplecannibal

20. Alien

“I remember once after watching it, I was looking for my cat in my house and she ran into the garage, at night, where the overhead light is out and was like…. Yeah, there’s something familiar about this scenario.

Also, anyone like me who saw ALIEN: Covenant (and loved it) can probably understand why I avoid the tall grass in the lot behind my house.” — AdamFiction

21. Skeleton Key

“I think because that scene with the kids gets into your head a lot more once you’ve left the theatre and had a chance to digest what actually transpired.” — maldio

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