26 Horror Fans On The Film That Left Them Feeling Uneasy Even After It Ended

12. The Ring

“Legit thought I was going to die 7 days after watching it for the first time.” — meowdryhepurrrn

13. Misery

“Because people like Annie Wilkes exist, and prolonged, personal hostage/torture situations just like that have happened, are happening and will happen again… and could happen to any of us.” — Gavaroc

14. The Mist

“The ending made me so uncomfortable.” — psychotic-chaotic

15. The Strangers

“It is just a random act of violence. The only reason given for why it happened is arguably the most unsettling reason I have ever seen in a horror movie.

It could happen anywhere at any time. Things like this make me worry about the world around me. My nieces are growing up more and more every day. I worry about the world that they are going to go into someday. Movies like this always leave the thought in my head that maybe it is not safe anymore, not only that…but maybe it wasn’t safe to begin with and I was just too blind to see it. I question way too many things and I always feel uncomfortable and unsure of what the answers are supposed to be.” — ThePlague13

16. Audition

“I loved this film. I bought the DVD and found a screensaver on it so installed it and thought no more of it and started to watch the film in another room. Film ends and I’m thinking WOW and a bit on edge, turn the tv off and was about to goto bed when I hear “kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri” clear as day in my flat. After almost soiling myself for a good 30 seconds I noticed the PC was still on in the other room and the screensaver was running and clearly had audio. Scared the living crap out of me.” — Fever_twitchtv

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