26 Horror Fans On The Film That Left Them Feeling Uneasy Even After It Ended

8. It Follows

“One of the greatest things about the movie is they mixed seasons and time periods to create an unsettling feeling because the setting isn’t logical. There are 50s tvs, 70s cars and cards from the early twentieth century. The shell e-reader functions like a kindle, but has no modern equivalent. It also seems to be the only object that has modern technology in a house that has wallpaper and cord phones. The characters spend time outdoors in pools but in the same week wear winter coats while everyone else in the background dresses lightly. The filmmakers really brought it all together to create an eerie sense of unease.” — the_flying_spaghetti

9. Se7en

“SPOILERS: The one that really creeped me out was when the swat team broke in to the guy’s apartment and found him tied to the bed, looked like he was dead. The one swat member leaned in close and made some comment, and the guy suddenly woke up and was just making this horrible gurgling sound and shaking.

For a week or two after, any time I closed my eyes that’s what I could see.” — TrainAss

10. Lights Out

“Lights Out fucked me up pretty good. Our house is really dark, even with all the curtains open, and SO made me watch it in bed at like 2am. I made him keep the lamp on till I fell asleep.” — leac1801

11. The Devil’s Rejects

“I felt as if I needed a shower after watching it.” — ConCons_Husband 

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