26 Horror Fans On The Film That Left Them Feeling Uneasy Even After It Ended

Unsplash / Hailey Kean

1. The Grudge

“Normal spooky ghost monsters just chase you around and jump out on you, but you’re safe at bed time when you get under the covers and pull them over your head, unless it’s the freaking horrible lady ghost with The Grudge who literally appears in your bed and crawls up to your face making a noise like a creaking door.

And that’s why I now vacuum pack myself before I go to sleep.” — PM_Me_Rude_Haiku

2. Men Behind The Sun

“It’s based on actual events at a Japanese prison camp during WWII, in which they performed thousands of horrifying experiments on their prisoners. The worst scene is the live vivisection of a child. And the girl whose arms they freeze and dunk into boiling water. What sickens me more than anything is the US gave the man in charge of the prison a pardon for his crimes in exchange for all the research they gathered.” — EmilyRose1982

3. 1408

“You never see the actual evil entity — the room itself is evil, and provided most of us spend a lot of time in rooms, it makes you paranoid. Honestly, one of the very few films that left me with a deeps sense of unease after watching it.” — Skeleton_fries

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