25 Students Reveal Their High School’s Most Messed Up Scandal

You probably hated your high school. Everyone does. But did you have any scandals that are as fucked up as these disturbing stories from Ask Reddit?
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1. A girl killed her baby and left it in a trash can

“A girl in our high school hid her pregnancy pretty well. Bigger girl that didn’t really show so nobody knew. She gave birth in a school bathroom alone, killed the baby, and put it in the trash can. The janitor found it later. It turned out that she was sexually and physically abused by her alcoholic father. The baby was his and she was terrified about what would happen to her if he found out. She was scared for her life and did not know where to turn. Terrible in every sense of the word. The only good to come from it was that her dad went to jail.” — DesignFlaw06

2. A recently fired teacher came in with an AK

“A Spanish teacher was fired on a Thursday. He came back in on Friday with a legally purchased AK in a guitar case. He went into the head mistress’s office and killed her and then shot himself. This was at a fancy Christian private school so it shocked everyone. People always worry about students shooting up schools but this time it was a teacher.” — NonsequiturSushi

3. A football player burned his house down, killing his handicapped sister

“Football player got drunk at a party, came home, put a pot of water on the stove, and passed out. The house burned down, killing the player and also his handicapped sister and her handicapped friend, who were trapped on the second floor.

Principal learns of other students who were at the party and suspends them for underage drinking, which also forbade them from playing in the last football game of the season against the rival school.

Football parents were PISSED at the principal for the decision. Also, somehow, the dead football player was labeled a ‘hero’ by some. Death really does vindicate you, even when you indirectly kill 2 handicapped people.” — fumor

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