25 Ship Crewmen On The Scariest Experience They’ve Had Out In The Ocean

If you’re already scared of the ocean, you probably shouldn’t read these disturbing stories from Ask Reddit.

Unsplash / Marius Fiskum

1. A dead officer was stuffed inside of the freezer

“We had a Naval Chief Petty Officer die of a Heart Attack while Underway onboard our Sub. Since we were doing spec ops off the USSR coastline, we could not surface and come off station for 60 days. So, every time we had to go into the freezer to get food. There was the Chief laying on the shelf with his eyes wide open and frozen. He was wrapped in a cling wrap material so you could see his face clearly. So, next time you open your freezer at night. Just think of having to look at someone’s face looking back at you.” — Fogliar

2. The entire crew drowned in the night

“My dad told me this story once. He spent a year fishing off the coast of Alaska. One night he and another boat were racing to get the last slip, the other would have to moor in the harbor for the night. That night there was a storm and the fish in the bottom of the boat moored in the harbor all slid to one side and capsized the boat. My dad woke up the next morning to find the entire boat’s crew had drowned in their sleep.” — 26raisans

3. We came across two men that had been shot to death

“Worked for a bit as a deckhand on fishing boats out of San Diego. A few times we would come across deserted smaller boats (pangas) drifting with outlandishly big motors. Every time the Captain would just cut hard port or starboard to get away from them a quick as possible – I knew they were drug running boats that had probably dropped off their cargo, but I would check them out with the binoculars if we were close.

One had two people on it – both had clearly been shot a bunch of times, and one was moving and fairly alive. I told the Captain – got a disapproving head shake and we were on our way.” — confusedbossman


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