25 People Who Came Close To Death Tell Their Terrifying Story

20. I nearly choked to death in a restaurant

“Was eating somewhere, a tiny bit of salad went just where to esophagus and the trachea are separated, covering it and I couldn’t breathe for I don’t know how much time. I became purple in color, people around didn’t know what to do, till I luckily managed to spit it out somehow. Was beginning to pass out, I was scared shitless.” — gojiralis

21. I rode inside of an airplane that was falling apart

“Probably that time I rode in an airplane with no seat belts and duck tape holding the windows together.” — ArdentPursuit

22. I was hospitalized with a pulmonary infection

“Last year I was hospitalized with a bad pulmonary infection. I had 800ml of fluid on EACH lung, plus more around my heart. Lungs were completely collapsed, acute cardiac tamponade. The team took one look at the scan and immediately one of the younger nurses muttered to the doctor: ‘How is her heart still beating???’ And the doctor just shook his head and gave him ‘I don’t know’ eyes. I’m all good now (knock on wood) but that was a pretty scary thing to hear…” — CatherineConstance

23. I experienced a heart failure

“I had been feeling ill and shaky for around 2 months prior. Went to bed one night feeling rough. Woke up in the hospital 2 weeks later, no memories of the incident whatsoever. Apparently I had a total heart failure, thing just stopped beating completely. I’m fine now though, at the age of 26, a lifetime of medication and a pacemaker. Just have to take it easy.” — Pentafractis


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