25 People Who Came Close To Death Tell Their Terrifying Story

17. A wild animal tried to eat me alive

“Almost became a mountain lion feast. When I was 8, my brothers and I were playing at forest edge on our rural property in British Columbia. In a split second…too fast to know what happened, a cougar grabbed me from behind . My two older brothers immediately ran at it the cat let go.

All I remember is being dragged on the ground then not much of anything after that. I was told the doctor cleaned up some surface wounds and gave me a tetanus shot. The good side was dad went brought two big ‘mutts’ home after the incident and they were my best friends until I went off to college.” — Roxytumbler

18. I watched someone shoot a gun off

“Saturday? Canada Day, some guy started shooting at someone less than 100ft away from me.” — IxuntouchblexI

19. I almost electrocuted myself in the bath

“One cold Winter night (central heating was out) I was alone in the house, I decided to have a warm bath before going to bed.

Once the hot suddy bath was full I undressed, keeping on a T-shirt until the last minute I stepped in; Raising my arms above my head to take off my T-shirt I accidentally smashed the light fitting.

I froze, because at that moment I was standing barefoot in the pitch black, in water up to my shins, surrounded by shards of broken glass, and with a live 240V cable somewhere near my hands.” — CygnusRex


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