25 People Who Came Close To Death Tell Their Terrifying Story

7. A truck stopped short from hitting the bus I was in

“On my way home from the airport in a bus and a truck came careening down a merging lane just barely stopping by hitting the brakes. I could’ve touched the driver if there’d been no glass in the way. He looked just as scared as I felt. Every moment after that has been a bonus moment. I think he must’ve been distracted somehow and didn’t notice the bus until the very last moment to stop the truck. Right on my side of the bus at my window too.” — NettleGnome

8. Placental abruption nearly killed me and my son

“I was pregnant with our son at about 14 weeks, and started to bleed. The doctor on call told me I was having a miscarriage and to let it get on with it — there was nothing that could be done. I accepted that with grief, but we had two small girls, and I went on for a day, spotting blood. Then randomly, I stood up and blood gushed down my legs, and filled my shoes. I called my husband home in a panic and he rushed me to the hospital. My placenta had partially torn loose from the uterine wall, and all the blood that should have gone to the body was pouring out. There is no surgical way to fix this and most of the time the babies and even the mothers die. I was told that the only chance was for me to lay still and hope it healed back. I laid on a mattress in my living room for 4 months until everything seemed safe. The baby came out fat and healthy and just graduated college these many years later. But I was one of a small percentage that survived.” — Borderweaver

9. I almost drowned surrounded by a crowd of people

“When I was a kid one of my ‘friends’ dragged me into the deep end of the pool and left me there even though they knew I couldn’t swim. Bear in mind they had to peel my fingers off the edge of the pool to do so and all the while I was screaming for them to stop. Inhaled a lot of water before someone else came to help me. Lifeguards didn’t notice anything and the pool was large and full of shrieking children so my screams for help went unnoticed.

I never realized until then how easy it would be to drown surrounded by other people.” — undernessus


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