25 People Who Came Close To Death Tell Their Terrifying Story

4. I dropped off of a mountain 1,000 meters high

“When I was down climbing a steep path on a mountain, 1000 meter drop below me. The handhold I had stopped being a hold, and became a lose piece of rock in my hand. Logically, this meant I dropped of the mountain. Imagine this nearly straight cliff, almost no vegetation, except for 1 tree about a meter below where I dropped. Was weird.” — SadedOr

5. I was almost kidnapped by a pedophile

“As a child, a man in a van once approached me and asked me to get in, so I could help him find his lost puppy. I was pretty concerned, as a fan of puppies, so I thought it seemed appropriate. Just as I was weighing whether or not my parents would be proud of me for helping out my fellow man, my mother (who apparently kept a vigilant eye on me from the window as I played outside) came charging out, and the guy in the van sped off. That’s when I got my worst: “Don’t get into vans with strangers, idiot” speech ever. I figured he wasn’t just any old stranger, but a man with a lost dog. I just thought my mom was being mean, and unfair. And I’m sure the pedophile did as well. I don’t know for sure whether or not he would have killed me or anything, but I know that if my mom hadn’t been such a worry wort, at least a part of me would have died that day.” — Na_01

6. My father shot me and left me blind

“When I was eight, my father shot me in my sleep at point blank range. He then shot my brother and committed suicide. I was the only one to survive and I was left blind.” — Nighthawk321


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