25 People Who Came Close To Death Tell Their Terrifying Story

Unsplash / Jacob Walti

1. I fell off a cliff and snapped both my legs

“Fell off a cliff and had my spine break and both my legs snap, had multiple surgeries and almost had my leg amputated a couple years later. Tip for future people in wheelchairs, don’t get the automatic one, it’ll make you weak and will slow your process to recovery. Suffer through the type you have to push your self. Only reason I’m able to walk today.” — Canadiancurtiebirdy

2. We were almost decapitated during a car crash

“Car accident. SO and I were driving home from the airport, and some guy pulls out, illegally, from a light. We were in a sports car, going about 50 on a back road. He was driving a flatbed tow truck. We laid down some serious rubber, and all I could thing was, let us hit the tires. We hit the back end, it ripped the car to pieces, but we walked. Cop who responded told us that if we had been five feet left, we would have been decapitated. I rather knew that. Be safe drivers.” — calcaneus

3. I was trapped inside of a car filled with water

“After driving onto a flooded section of rural highway at night and flipping over into the ditch, I suddenly found myself upside down, under water, strapped in, in pitch blackness. Oh and the window broke so the car immediately filled up with water.” — Schmigneous


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