25 People Tell Scary Stories That Still Give Them Goosebumps To This Day

Human beings can be even more terrifying than ghosts and goblins. Just ask these traumatized people from Ask Reddit.
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1. There was a grown man in her closet

“Wife’s story: As a kid she lived in a mobile home. Her room was at the other end of the home from her parents. She noticed that her closet door was partially open and she had left it closed. She told her Mom she didn’t feel like playing in her room, because it didn’t feel right. Her mother was not the best. No where near it. Drugs, sleeping around, forget her at school because she washing her car. Well, her mother wouldn’t hear it and told her to go back to her room. She did for few minutes but thankfully father came home. He was her saving grace.

He believed her and went to check. There was 40yr old man in her closet. Her Dad muscled him out of there and held him until the cops got there. Apparently he was a mentally unstable guy who wandered in. The cops took him away. Her Dad was furious. Her Mother was literally like no big deal and nothing happened so move on.

Please note that she had gone to play in her parents room at the time the man had come inside the home. It was also a nice day and they left their doors open so that they could get fresh air and air out the mobile home. Her room was literally right next to the front door of the home. So as soon as you walk in, her door is immediately to the right.” — unfocsdgaze

2. A face was staring through my two-story window

“Here goes… I used to live in a 3 story building which had 2 homes per story. The windows of my home would face a large open space which was open to the public (kids playing, people running, football matches and so on). During the night though, this space would be deserted due to having no lighting.

I have lived in this house for a while and usually sleep with the curtains open and the lights off. On this day, I got ready to hit the sack and once I switched off the lights and opened the curtains, I checked my phone and saw some texts that kept me occupied and awake for quite a bit. I hear a rustling sound outside my window and as its the 2nd floor with no trees or buildings nearby, I walk to the window without expecting anything. The next thing I know, I am looking at a face staring back at me. I freeze because my mind cannot comprehend how a man can climb a straight 2 story tall wall that has no pipes, projections or sills. My mind finally unlocks, I scream, he tries to shush me, saying he’s been watching me for days and to show him my body, I scream some more and he scampers.

Police were called. He was not caught ever.” — sinnerpinner

3. We were carjacked and had guns pointed at us

“Not so much creepy as seriously terrifying but my roommate and I were carjacked right after we pulled into my driveway. We came home at about 11:50pm still a little high from hanging with some friends. We park and get out and within 2 seconds two guys in black hoodies had come up on both sides of the car. They had guns and my guy had his gun pointed at my gut about a foot away from me. I remember being so terrified I didn’t even want to look him in the eyes. I did what he asked me to (throw my purse in the car, start the car, etc.) and afterwards he told me to walk into the middle of the street. I had snagged my phone and jammed it into my bra thinking I need to call the police as soon as possible. As I’m walking into the middle of the street I just take off running and I can hear them screaming after me. I feel bad because I left my roommate on the ground where they had her after the guy on her side of the car frisked her for her things but they just took off. I was on the phone with the police within 3 seconds of running off and jumping into someone’s yard. What freaks me out is that we’d be gone since 8:30pm and they had been hiding behind a nearby hedge just waiting there. Obviously we had been scoped out previously but it’s creepy to think how long they had just been waiting there. We’re extremely lucky we were okay and that I was able to get my car back in semi-okay condition. My other roommate hadn’t been home that night but left a light on in our apartment which is visible from the street and the driveway where all this took place. If she hadn’t left that on or they noticed no one was home they could’ve taken us upstairs and robbed our place or assaulted us.

It left me with some pretty severe anxiety and some moderate PTSD whenever I’d go outside at night. It was also the night before my 21st birthday which sucked but I remember trying to continuously find the humor in the situation. Like, when he kept insisting on me to put the keys in the ignition and me telling him sassily it’s a push-to-start. Probably not a smart move on my part but it made me laugh afterwards how I tried to simultaneously stand outside the car and put my foot on the break and press the start button.” — clauds


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