25 People On The Horrifying Scientific Theory That Triggered An Existential Crisis

18. You aren’t actually touching the things you feel

“Everything is 99.999999999%* nothing.

That couch you’re laying down on that you can physically ‘feel’ is actually not touching you at all. What you’re feeling is the magnetic repulsion of the electrons, naturally they’re all negative and same sign magnets repel.

If you were to truly touch something you’d set off an atomic explosion.” — OMA_

19. Some scientists believe in the universe collusion theory

“That one where the world is going to end by smashing into a mirror of itself. So the last thing you see before your die will be your own terrified face.” — cold_toast_n_butter

21. Aliens might be avoiding us on purpose

“One theory as to why we haven’t made contact with aliens is because they fear some other dominant alien species. Essentially, no one wants to challenge the dominant species by furthering themselves because they would risk getting wiped out. Right now aliens could be telling us to shut up while this oh so powerful species is getting ready to annihilate us.” — romeo_the_wolf


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