25 People On The Horrifying Scientific Theory That Triggered An Existential Crisis

14. We could all be part of a simulation

“That our universe is just a simulation that has been left on overnight and sometime we’ll just be switched off.” — HitchikersPie

15. The calthrate gun hypothesis is pretty scary

“Once calthrate rock starts releasing methane, global warming becomes as unstoppable and irreversible as a bullet fired from a gun. Some theorize based on geological historical data it causes global extinction in the space of a single human lifetime.

You remember those massive holes in the ground in siberia that turned out to be methane vents? The methane gasing up from the arctic ocean which led a climatonolist to literally say we’re fucked? and the melting permafrost also releasing a bunch of methane as well as ancient diseases?

yeah. We’re in fucking trouble guys.” — usernumber36

16. A sound could kill us all

“A sound with a volume of over 1100 decibels will form a black hole larger than the observable universe. Although it’s unlikely considering the scale is logarithmic, boy that’s spooky.” — Smiis

17. The many worlds theory means there are unlimited parallel universes

“The many world’s theory. Basically whenever something happens, whatever happened stays in this world, but at that moment another time line is made where that thing didn’t happen. So with that theory, there is basically an infinite amount of parallel universes.” — shoodpawoop9900


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