25 People On The Creepy Occurrence That Scared Them To Death

Unsplash / Cherry Laithang

1. We found mysterious marks hidden inside of our car

“A few weeks ago this happened.

I drove back home to my parent’s house to stay over the weekend. I arrived around 630pm and I parked my car outside the house by the street. Usually a lot of people pass by not that much at night.

My car is a new Honda Civic, I got last March. I always take it to the carwash before I go to my parents house every weekend. Nobody else but me has been in it because the last time I had family on my last car, they kinda wrecked the insides.

I go to my room, I play an emulated PS2 game with my brother back in our childhood days, it was called: The Perfect Performer, a japanese beat style game. We played for hours and realized it was 2am and we were so hungry we decided to go drive to buy food.

When we went inside our car, on the windshield, there were 2 very clear and small hand marks, side by side as if made by a small child. So, my brother told me, ‘Stroud, someone put hand marks on your windshield.’ so I’m like: ‘Fucking street kids. No worries, I’ll wipe it out.’

(Shit, I’m getting goosebumps writing this.) So off I went out and grabbed a chamois cloth and wiped it clean from the outside. When I was done, my brother said: ‘Stroud, the hand marks are inside.'” — stroud

2. A little girl ordered her dolls to cut someone’s eyes out

“When I was like 13 I was over at a friend’s house. His little sister’s room was between his and the bathroom.

So eventually, I go to the bathroom at one point and overheard his 5 (I believe) year old sister, apparently talking to one of her dolls, giving the following instructions: “And now you cut the arms off aaaand… push the eyes in so he can never ever see again. He doesn’t deserve to.”

I do hope she was talking about another doll. Freaked me the fuck out.” — thejollyden 

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