25 Murders That Will Forever Remain As Unsolved Mysteries

These unsolved murder mysteries have been keeping Ask Reddit users up at night.

10. Amber Tuccaro

“In my province there was this girl named Amber Tuccaro that went missing and was later found dead. Before she died she received a call from her brother who was incarcerated, the call was recorded and you can hear her panicking about the direction they were going and her killer trying to reassure her. The call was released by the RCMP. Its chilling to say the least.” — TommyChongUn

11. The Cagots

“Who the Cagot people were and why they were so ostracized. It’s probably my favorite historic mystery and if I could have the answer to just one, I’d pick that.

‘Cagots were shunned and hated. While restrictions varied by time and place, they were typically required to live in separate quarters in towns, called cagoteries, which were often on the far outskirts of the villages. Cagots were excluded from all political and social rights. They were not allowed to marry non-Cagots, enter taverns, hold cabarets, use public fountains, sell food or wine, touch food in the market, work with livestock, or enter the mill.

The Cagots were not an ethnic group, nor a religious group. They spoke the same language as the people in an area and generally kept the same religion as well. Their only distinguishing feature was their descent from families identified as Cagots. Few consistent reasons were given as to why they should be hated; accusations varied from Cagots being cretins, lepers, heretics, cannibals, to simply being intrinsically evil. The Cagots did have a culture of their own, but very little of it was written down or preserved; as a result, almost everything that is known about them relates to their persecution.'” — 0xMii


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