25 Murders That Will Forever Remain As Unsolved Mysteries

These unsolved murder mysteries have been keeping Ask Reddit users up at night.

8. Brian Shaffer 

“What I’m mostly curious about is Brian Shaffer Missing Case. He was a medical student who had a bright future. On April 1, 2006 he suddenly disappeared after separated from his two friends in the bar and his last seen was filmed in front of the bar’s entrance.

The strangest part of this is there’s only one entrance in the building, that entrance is constantly monitored by several nearby security cameras. He didn’t go outside, just re-entered the bar, and never showed up again. His father died 2 years later the disappearance of his son and Brian’s girlfriend, who is currently married with someone else, is still busy finding any of his trace. Nevertheless, there’s no evident clue ever found and Brian Shaffer is still missing.” — McGarfield

9. Tara Calico

“Most of them, sadly. I’m still losing the most sleep over Tara Calico, because of that photograph.

For those unfamiliar with Tara Calico’s disappearance, she was a teenager who went missing, then a polaroid was found in a parking lot of a girl believed to be Calico and an unidentified boy, both bound and gagged. The look in her eyes is absolutely haunting.” — CLearyMcCarthy


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