25 Murders That Will Forever Remain As Unsolved Mysteries

These unsolved murder mysteries have been keeping Ask Reddit users up at night.

7. Lyle Stevik

“Lyle Stevik. Man uses a pseudonym (Lyle Stevik is a character from a book who attempts to kill themselves) to check into an Amanda Park, Washington Motel then hangs himself on a clothing rack using his belt. He was acting strangely in the days before, pacing back and forth on the highway, never really leaving his room except to request new towels. After a few days of inactivity, a maid opens up his room to discover his body.

The scene revealed nothing about this dude. He used a prior address to a hotel in another state which ended up being a dead end. He had zero identification on him. He had no personal belongings besides a travel sized toothpaste container, and toothbrush. He leaves $160 ‘for the room’ and investigators find a crumbled up piece of paper that says ‘Suicide’ in the trash can.

His teeth were in excellent condition, and so were the clothes on his back. Recently, isotope results say that he traveled extensively throughout the country.

Who is this guy? He’s somebody’s son, friend, prior coworker. It really is a mystery that’s going on 16 years of mystery. He killed himself a few days after 9/11, and some think there’s a connection, but I personally believe it’s just a red herring. I hope this case is solved one day. The photos of the scene are incredibly tragic.” — zfinne 


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