25 Murders That Will Forever Remain As Unsolved Mysteries

These unsolved murder mysteries have been keeping Ask Reddit users up at night.

4. The Boy in the Box

“The Boy in the Box. Back in 1958, the body of a little boy was found in a box in a forest in Pennsylvania. To this day, he has never been identified. People have theories about what happened. Most likely he was an abused child, since he was clearly emaciated (you can clearly see his ribs in the autopsy photos, which are easily available online). There’s also evidence that he’d been sitting in water before his death (wrinkling on his skin suggests this) and he’d apparently had a violent haircut, but it’s impossible to say if that happened before he died or if it was afterward and an attempt to hide his identity.

If they couldn’t figure out who he was in the late-50s/early-60s, I don’t see how they’re going to figure it out today.” — PAKMan1988

5. The Moor Murders

“Ian Brady and Myra Hindley tortured and killed 5 children in Manchester in the 60s. They buried some of the victims in the moors however they never found one of the victims, Keith Bennett and people believe he is buried somewhere on the moors. Myra died a while ago, and Ian died yesterday/today so the chances of finding his body and what happened to him is very unlikely which is sad.” — bored_at_work_123


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