25 Murders That Will Forever Remain As Unsolved Mysteries

These unsolved murder mysteries have been keeping Ask Reddit users up at night.

18. The deaths of Aselsan employees

“A lot of you won’t be familiar with this but the mysterious deaths of Aselsan employees in Turkey said to be “suicide”. Many people claim they were taken out by a group of people that did not want some codes to be cracked for the F-16’s that were being modernized.” — onceuponacrime1

19. The location of Keith Bennet’s body

“The location of murder victim Keith Bennet’s body.

He was one of a number of children who were tortured and killed and then their bodies disposed on Saddleworth Moor.

His mother spent her whole life searching and begging the murderers to reveal where the body was buried. She even persuaded the police/prison to release them for a day to go to the moors and ‘jog their memory’, but they used this more as an excuse for a field trip. She died a year or two back having never found out.

The fucker who did it took the location to his grave last week.” — leeisawesome


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