25 Internet Addicts Talk About Their Creepiest Online Experience

Ask Reddit users know that the internet isn’t always a safe place to be.
Unsplash / Jay Wennington

1. A member on a forum I used killed their toddler

“Discovering that a long time forum member had killed their toddler. Literally left them in a hot apartment to die, while they went out to have fun. This person was beloved by everyone, was always sugar and rainbows. Last person you would have EVER suspected. In fact, they had multiple times talked about the loss of their child (made it seem like an unpreventable tragedy) to gain sympathy from mothers who had actually lost children through no fault of their own. It was all quite sick and horrible, especially their complete lack of sense of responsibility or regret when called out on it.” — goosiegirl

2. He sent me a photograph of my name written in blood

“I had befriended a guy from Florida (I’m in NYC) and I could tell he was starting to like me. I had just gotten out of a relationship, long distance no less, so I wasn’t interested in pursuing anything with this guy. One day he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no without hesitation. He went kind of psycho and ended up writing my name on a piece of paper… in his blood… and sent me a picture of it.

Needless to say he creeps me the fuck out.” — kebekwaz

3. There was child porn all over the website

“The Pokemon room on Yahoo chat, packed to the brim with people trading/asking for child pornography, used to go in there and do the usual 12/f/NY thing and just watch them try and groom you.” — k1l2l3y


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