25 Families On The Dark Secret They Swore To Never Speak About

23. My sister is stuck in an abusive marriage

“That my sister is in an abusive marriage with an alcoholic but no body says anything because my parents think that it’s better to be in an abusive relationship rather then get a divorce.” — Cuppycake87

24. No one knows my aunt is adopted

“One of my aunts is adopted. She is almost 70 years old and has no idea. Everyone else in the family knows but it was my grandma’s dying wish that we never tell her. It’s pretty fucked up, to be honest.” — betabomber

25. My brother acts like Norman Bates

“My mom and brother have a very Norman Bates-esque relationship and we never speak about it. He’s 20… and she still bathes him. God help me for saying this out loud.” — Zoesauce23 TC mark

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