25 Families On The Dark Secret They Swore To Never Speak About

17. My aunt died in a tragic car crash

“My aunt died after a tragic car crash. Paralyzed her from the neck down at first. Her husband couldn’t handle it and let her rot in bed (bed sores, moldy feeding tube, etc) and then left her out of the blue. Family did everything to save her and nothing helped. Last ditch effort was a surgery that essentially cut her in half to save her from infection. She died on the operating table. My family is now incredibly dysfunctional and absolutely cannot talk about it.” — mhill3996

18. My cousin is a sociopath

“My cousin is most likely a sociopath. It was funny to joke about how he was going to end up in jail when he was a kid but now he’s a violent teenager and I wouldn’t be surprised if he murdered someone one day.” — trilliumdude

19. My grandfather chased someone with a shot gun

“Many many years ago my grandfather chased a boy off of his property with a shot gun. Shortly there after my mother spent many months at her sister’s home in Alabama. Directly after my mom came home, her sister adopted a little girl and named her the same name my mother had. Her sister already had a son and a few years after she adopted the little girl she got pregnant and had another little girl (so she wasn’t barren). Years passed and my mother married my father and they had me and my sister. Years went by and both of our parents passed away. At different times these stories were told to us but neither of us heard all of the stories. Eventually my sister and I exchanged what we had heard and put the pieces together. I’m pretty sure my adopted cousin is actually my half sister. What makes me think we’re correct is that when my mom died she requested my cousin (half sister lady) to be our caretaker. Why would she chose her? Out of all the people she could have picked she chose her. Also the summer after mom passed we stayed with my cousin (half sister lady) for a few weeks at the beach. One day she leaned over me and asked me if I was okay. When I looked up it was like I was looking at my mom. I honestly have no doubt that she’s really my sister and not my cousin… but no one will admit to anything.” — Hoodlertjoodle


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