25 Families On The Dark Secret They Swore To Never Speak About

14. My cousin almost murdered a little girl

“One of my cousins is in jail for nearly murdering a little girl at a gas station.

No one but my grandma (who he lived with growing up) even knew about it. My brother only found out because he ran a google search after she had told us our cousin was at ‘church camp’ for the 5th year in a row.

We do not ever discuss it and let her live her lie, I guess it makes her feel better to deny the truth.” — equusoddball

15. My cousin was arrested for murder

“My cousin was just arrested for first degree murder, kidnapping, possession of an illegal weapon x2, along with a few other felonies and a half dozen misdemeanors. His trial keeps getting pushed back and it’s a topic that most of the family just avoids, as his mother is probably the most insane person I’ve ever met, but her, my mother, and their five other sisters are all still really close.” — BlueFalcon3725 

16. My aunt was accused of killing her husband

“My aunt was accused of killing her first husband. Happened long before I was born. Husband was an anesthesiologist. He overdosed (massively OD, like there was no way you accidentally took that much) on her pain killers, that he prescribed her. It happened just after he had take out a million dollar life insurance policy that strangely had no waiting period. She was a key person of interest in the initial investigation but she had moved back home with her parents halfway across the country immediately, before the cops could tell her not to leave town. She had a decent alibi but there were some weird facts about her case (was never able to get the full details on this) they were still looking into. My grandfather was a pretty well know defense attorney and basically told the DA ‘If you follow her I will file harassment suits against you in every state you have to cross’ and they backed off and ruled it a suicide.

I could never see my aunt being a murderer, but my dad is the only one of 9 kids who will even remotely talk about the story, and even he remains pretty vague on the details.” — Star_fox69


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