25 Families On The Dark Secret They Swore To Never Speak About

11. My sister’s husband was arrested

“My sister’s husband went to jail last year for possession of images of children. She got pregnant like a month beforehand. We found out about what he did 4 months before that.

Everyone acts like them staying together when he gets out is normal. They enabled family dinners though the whole legal process, keeping up the happy little family facade.

Now I can never move back home to have kids like my fiance and I planned, because I won’t let them near him. And I can’t say that out loud.” — ErrantWhimsy

12. My grandfather was an abusive racist

“My dad’s father is a rapist and his mother used to beating the living shit out of him and his brothers. I’m talking choking them out until they pass out kind of thing. No one talks about it, as if he didn’t molest most of my aunts and older female cousins. He’s tried shit on me but you no ~devils advocate~ maybe he didn’t mean it that way.” — crystalhorsess

13. My grandmother once dropped me down a flight of stairs

“When I was a baby, my grandmother was watching me. She got distracted. I fell down a flight of stairs and hit my head several times on the way down. I was rushed to the hospital, x rayed, and everything was just fine

My mom told me years ago. everyone else denied it.

Then years later, my grandmother flat out admitted it, at the dinner table, in front of everyone. ‘Oh my goodness I turned away for a second, she fell all th the way down the stairs, I felt so bad, I felt so bad.’

But to this day, people actually tell me: ‘No, you heard her wrong.”‘

‘No, you must have been dreaming when you heard that.’

Not sure why it has to be kept secret if nothing bad happened.” — spaghatta111


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