25 Families On The Dark Secret They Swore To Never Speak About

Unsplash / Andrew Neel

1. My grandmother was kidnapped by my great uncle

“Our great uncle kidnapped our great grandmother, took her 3 states away to a god awful nursing home, liquidated all of her assets and stole her welfare checks, then when she died he stuffed her in his trunk and dropped her off at the nearest funeral home in our state.” — Panda_Hero01

2. My cousin killed the family dog

“Last 4th of July one of my younger cousins(8/F) pushed my great aunts beloved elderly dachshund into their pool and he drowned. Everyone knows she did it, she even said she did it because she was angry about having to get out of the pool for dinner. But her mom and grandma are still in complete denial and tell her she didn’t actually do it. Immediate and extended family have all tried to convince the mother and grandmother to take her to talk to someone because this tiny human is full of anger, but they refuse to see any issue. This most recent 4th of July was awkward as fuck.” — trysaruhtops

3. My grandmother forced my mother to have an abortion

“My grandma forced my aunt to have an abortion when she was 16. It went terribly wrong, and she was never able to have kids. My grandma did it because she didn’t want her daughter to have a child with a sleaze ball. 35 years later my aunt is married to said sleaze ball. My grandma felt with her guilt by spoiling the crap out of my aunts adopted daughter.” — madommouselfefe

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