25 Bosses Talk About Their Employees That Have Died Unexpectedly

If someone doesn’t show up for work, you should probably check up on them. You wouldn’t want to add to these unfortunate stories from Ask Reddit.
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1. I found him dead on the bathroom floor

“I was dating the personnel director at the time and we both worked for the same company but in different capacities. It was the early 1980’s so no cell phones back then. There was a factory worker who, for years, was always dependable, on time, didn’t take days off etc. Then he doesn’t show up for work for 2-3 days without any notice.

My girlfriend, the HR director, was calling him several times a day but he never answered his phone. She got worried and decided to go to his home and she asked me to go with her. It was in the evening and dark when we got there. He lived on the 2nd floor of a house converted to a 2 flat. We could see there were lights on upstairs but there was no response to our ringing the bell.

We got a ladder from a next door neighbor and I climbed up to the window where we saw the light. When I got up there I could see the gentleman laying on the bathroom floor. I could see he was slightly swollen and obviously deceased even from a distance of about 20 feet.

At that point we called the police. We didn’t know how to get in touch with the landlord so the cops called a locksmith to drill out the lock. We fully expected there would an awful stench but there wasn’t even though the heat had been on and he’d been dead for at least 3 days.

Bottom line, he had been sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper and he had a heart attack and fell off the toilet with his pants around his ankles. Even to this day I think about that every once in a while and hope that if I die alone, that’s not how they find me.” — heckydog


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