24 Urban Explorers Reveal Their Scariest Stories From The Underground

These urban explorers from Ask Reddit have stories that will make you wonder what kind of creepy stuff is hidden in your own hometown.

20. A truck followed us around for a half hour

“There’s an old half torn down school on the airbase outside of my home town. The supposedly haunted old grain silos about a quarter mile away get more attention, but the school is what me and my friends were obsessed with. We had gone in during the day and poked around, finding the typical bullshit graffiti teenagers make in places like that, like ‘fuck god’ with the anarchy symbol and ‘all hail the zodiac killer’, stupid shit like that. We wanted to go in at night but didn’t want to break our necks doing it, which ended up being a smart choice, since there were holes in the floor that went all the way down to the basement, which seemed to have about just above ankle deep standing water at the time.

We didn’t get really freaked out until later, when we went back at night, and as we’re psyching ourselves up to go in, some kind of early nineties blue Ford and a gun rack pulls into the empty parking lot. It’s lights cut right through the car and made it hard to see much, but it spooked the hell out of us. We got the hell out of there, but the truck followed us around the airbase for the better part of half an hour, turning on it’s high beams and tailgating us, and then turning their lights off completely and acting like they were tailing us…in spite of it only being the two cars on the road at that hour, plus the airbase being, y’know, abandoned. We’re just glad we were still in the car and not inside when they got there.” — pumpkinguydancing

21. We had a rotten glimpse into their lives

“I grew up in Frederick, Maryland. Back in the mid 90s to early 2000s when I was a teenager, the city still had a very rust belt vibe. Before its fairly recent “revival” into a hipster-infested douche mecca, it had a fairly large blue collar presence – particularly along the city’s open air drainage canal, which back when I was growing up was flanked on both sides by tons of abandoned and/or condemned buildings, both residential and industrial. Now it’s all sushi fusion joints, hilariously overpriced condos and vintage thrift shops like every other city on the east coast.

Anyway, back then we would roam around the city and break into abandoned buildings for fun. Sometimes we’d vandalize the place, but usually we were just exploring and using them as a hangout spot where we could drink and smoke weed without having to worry about cops. There were a bunch of creepy moments, particularly when you’d break into a condemned house only to discover that one or more homeless people had set up in there – my city kind of had a reputation for having a LOT of severely mentally ill homeless people back then, paranoid schizophrenics and such, a bunch of whom I knew by name back then.

One memory that stands out, though, was an abandoned house we broke into which had clearly been vacant for many many years, with visible black mold growing on the walls. It was weird because it had clearly been occupied by a family previously because all of their stuff was still there, like the Rapture happened and they just disappeared. Beds, dressers with clothes, family photos on the walls, all of that (we didn’t dare open the fridge). It really seemed like for some reason the family drove away one day and just never returned, it was super creepy walking through their home with flashlights and just getting this rotted glimpse into their lives before whatever happened.” — Vokudlak


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