24 Urban Explorers Reveal Their Scariest Stories From The Underground

These urban explorers from Ask Reddit have stories that will make you wonder what kind of creepy stuff is hidden in your own hometown.

15. I walked right past a corpse

“As a teen I was into urban exploration. There was an old ice plant near my house that had burned (I know- ironic) around 25-30 years prior. Anyway, it wasn’t really underground, but was so overgrown that it felt more-or-less like it. I go climbing around over and under mangled concrete and rebar and graffiti for a while and finally decide I’m done. Couple of days later I hear about how the police pulled a corpse out of there. Pretty sure I walked right by it and didn’t even notice…” — digitalis303

16. We found hidden messages inside of the sewer

“There’s a sewer system under my old neighborhood and I would go in there to smoke weed with my buddies. We started to notice ‘messages’ left on the walls in red paint, like ‘We are watching you’ and ‘smoke the reefer meet the reaper.’ One day while we were down there we heard a couple of voices laughing and were getting closer and closer. We panicked and lifted a manhole right above that opened up to a busy road street. We never went back down again.” — Buzzkill1591

17. She felt a spirit inside of the mental hospital

“After the Community Care Act in Scotland in the early 90s, a lot of the big sprawling long stay mental hospitals were closed down and all the patients moved into smaller houses and homes etc spread out through the community. A lot of these old sites are still standing though!. In Dundee we have Strathmartine Hospital, the core of which was constructed in the 1800 and expanded. Back in the day it was kind of place you’d be sent if you were an unwed mother or a ‘bad’ child. The place was bought over to develop into flats, but the owner went bankrupt in the recession, so the whole site is standing there unprotected by security, albeit surrounded by fences and kinda difficult to get to. Me and a few friends have broken in a few time and it’s HELLA creepy. Wards with beds and furniture perfectly preserved, old mass communal bathrooms, open loft shafts, meds rooms with health posters and medication still there, children’s ward with child’s pictures still on the wall decades later, mental health wards with seclusion areas, old crematorium, gym and swimming pool.. People don’t realize these hospitals were entirely self contained communities!. If there’s interest, I can upload some pics..

A couple of stories though.. On the children’s ward, my friend who was filming, who’s a bit of a spiritulist, said she felt a ‘presence’ and got really anxious. I laughed it off, but when you play the video back, when she expresses that she feels something, the clip is all freakily distorted.. Other story is when we were in an L shaped building, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I heard whistling and footsteps coming round the corner. We quickly scrambled and hid, thinking security had found us, but no-one was there.” — Worgen_Druid


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