24 Urban Explorers Reveal Their Scariest Stories From The Underground

These urban explorers from Ask Reddit have stories that will make you wonder what kind of creepy stuff is hidden in your own hometown.

11. I came across five carcasses — and then quit my job

“Although its technically not urban exploring, as a former electrician I think I can still share one moment from a job I had to do about 13 years ago.

Me and my job partner were called out to a larger restoration job that was being done to an older house from the early 1900’s. The house was until this point, a family owned house wich had 2 owners since it was built, and the last owner was an old lady who had passed away there whilst being the last person in her family line (sad story on its own) and nobody could take over the house.

So the house got auctioned to a younger couple that bought it for an insane amount of money due to how large the house was, but it was now time to get the old house up to modern standards, wich included a completely new installation from scratch, as the old cables around the house were the type of cables that was insulated with black cotton and fastened with hand crafted wooden clamps.

While working in the 1st floor was quite easy as the entire installation process was made to fit inside the new wallframes that the carpenters were setting up, we eventually had to move on to the 2nd floor and prepare for setting up a new intake from the attic wich would then pass down to the new main fuse box on the 2nd floor.

We opened the hatch to the attic, and while using the flashlight to look up there, we could surely see that the attic was very cramped, so the smallest of us would have to go up there to fix everything to get the intake cable settled while removing the old one.

As you might guess, I was the smallest of us and had to do that shitty job of going up where nobody probably had been for many many years. So I decided to grab a lunchbreak and mentally prepare myself for what I expected to become a pretty shit job. After eating, I grabbed my flashlight and toolbelt and started climbing up the stairs, and while climbing upwards I noticed that the smell (that we thought was pretty much “old people smell” after they die) was getting increasingly stronger.

But I had to continue, so I got to the top and crawled myself onto something stable when I got up, while noticing that the smell up there was pretty damn bad. So I grabbed my flashlight to look around and get somewhat oriented about where to crawl. Looking forward it seemed like a pretty straight forward route towards the intake point that I could see in the distance, but out of curiosity I wondered if there were anything up there, so I looked to my right, only to light up 5 carcasses of what once was the old lady’s cats that probably had died, one of them were more or less ‘intact’ whilst being visibly partly eaten by various insects (or whatever eats such stuff), while 2 of them were more or less just rotten dried skin and bones.

At that moment I absolutely regretted my decision to eat lunch as the sight of this along with the realization about what I had smelled all along was these dead cats, and immediately threw up on the spot before VERY swiftly noping the fuck out of there.

After some talk back and forth, we came to the possibility that the old lady had been throwing her cats up there when they died, one by one, but we will never know for sure since the lady had died.

The new owners had no idea about this when buying the house, but our company ended up denying to continue the work until the attic had been cleaned appropriately. This apparently took them about 1 month to complete, I guess there are not many companies who wants to deal with that kind of nasty stuff, but my partner at work ended up finishing the work on the attic afterwards as he felt kinda bad for me.

In the end, I decided to not continue being an electrician anymore, as this was not work I really enjoyed doing, especially not after this event.” — Tekowsen


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