24 Urban Explorers Reveal Their Scariest Stories From The Underground

These urban explorers from Ask Reddit have stories that will make you wonder what kind of creepy stuff is hidden in your own hometown.

9. A ghost appeared out of nowhere

“I once was alone at Moorgate station in London after staying for a few after work drinks with my buddy who also works in central.

It was around 10pm so I left the pub and walked to the station and found I had missed the previous train by about 5 minutes.

Moorgate station is an underground station but the overground trains depart and terminate there. The train that I needed to catch always departs from one of two platforms that are in their individual tunnels adjacent to one another but accessible by foot as they are connected by paths that connect the platforms every 15 feet or so.

I was sat on the bench right at the end (near where the front of the train would be when departing). As I sat there I saw some movement in the corner of my eye so I turned and stared to see just a regular guy dressed in dark clothing come through from the other platform passage about 10 meters from me and thought nothing of it. He went by the track, starred down, backed away and ran back through the passage to the other platform.

I thought to myself that was weird and quickly got up to follow him and find out why he was running/if he was ok.

I was no more than 5 seconds behind him and the exit/entry to the platform is right by the other end which was a good 150 meters or so away.

As I go through the passage to the other platform I look to see no one there. I then went back to the other platform and again I was the only one there apart from a women who just reached the bottom of the escalator to the platform entrance right down the other end.

It was something I couldn’t explain and I was sure I couldn’t recall any footsteps that made is even weirder. London is an old place and has a lot of history so not sure if there was an event that could give reasoning to what I experienced but it’s a memory that will always stick with me.” — tttttttypo

10. I found a group of strangers living in complete darkness

“This was in the San Bernardino area, in southern California. I was inspecting the bridges that run over canals for lead and asbestos. Most bridges that run over canals have a small space on either side of the water to walk, usually small enough that you have to bend over.

One bridge appeared to have a small crawl space under it, but once I got inside it opened up into a huge, dark, low-ceiling room that extended back below the highway. I entered alone ahead of my supervisor and carrying my tools and flashlight. As I passed the flashlight over the darkness about twenty people stared back at me from the back of that room, all standing.

I must have ducked out of there immediately but I clearly remember seeing a nice rug, multiple large couches, a TV, a table with a vase with flowers in it, beds, paintings on the walls, a nice floor lamp, but none of it was powered…. and just twenty people, living there in the dark…” — cavt949


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