24 Urban Explorers Reveal Their Scariest Stories From The Underground

These urban explorers from Ask Reddit have stories that will make you wonder what kind of creepy stuff is hidden in your own hometown.

6. Blood was all over the walls

“An abandoned mental hospital that I went to first time the freezer which at one point they put there dead when they first opened up like in the 1800s was full of mold. Next time I went it was spotless. Then in one hallway blood (that I tested) was written really big and had hi written in spray paint small under it. Next time I went the blood was gone but the hi was still there and looked same as before.” — slothcopta

7. I found a vault beneath a graveyard

“I found a gigantic cement vault under the Arlington national cemetery. It was super spooky and not on any map.” — Pipewrecker

8. We stumbled across a dead creature

“My buddy and me spent many years crawling through sewer pipes. One day we were out in the woods. Me him and another friend. We were deep in the woods. We found some pipe sticking out of a hillside and agreed to explore it.

Well we crawl down this thing a good 600 feet or so, on our hands and knees. At times it gets smaller and we are on our stomachs. Finally it comes to one of those big manhole rooms, and we get the impression were under a house.

Of course we also know that in some places manholes will exist in the middle of nowhere for future developments. Anyways the room has 3 other super small pipes heading off into different directions. Like slither on your stomach size. We choose one and make our friend Z go first.

We go down about 300 feet and he shouts back that theres something in the way. He thinks its a dead animal. But since we are using weak headlamps he cant tell. We coerce him to climb over it. Then comes me. He’s freaking out saying shit is all over his clothes and he didn’t know what it was. I climb over this dark lump of refuse. Feels like a body but not human. Not even animal. Just alien. Smells bad. Smells horrible. I slide over this nasty shit almost puking. My buddy behind me comes next. Same story.

We keep going. Asking ourselves why we even do this shit in the first place. Exploration. Etc. Into the unknown. The forbidden.

We crawl another few hundreds feet. Z starts complaining about a horrible god awful stench ahead. We cant for the life of him get him to continue. He ends up throwing up. We start throwing the idea around of gas of some sort. He says with his headlamp theres something big up ahead. Looks like a honest to god body. Human maybe. We slide backwards quickly until we get to the manhole room. We crawl out quickly.

We get into the daylight and investigate the shit stuck to our clothes from the thing we slid over. Its dark. Bloody dark. Refuse dark. Looks like fur. We agree that it was probably a trapped animal.

Never go back ever again.” — XRebirth_Pilot


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