24 Urban Explorers Reveal Their Scariest Stories From The Underground

These urban explorers from Ask Reddit have stories that will make you wonder what kind of creepy stuff is hidden in your own hometown.

3. There were scratch marks inside of the closet

“I was in a house that the police confiscated from a biker gang. My job was to assess the damage for an insurance company. The walls were all painted white and the floor was sheets of plywood painted dark red. I was going around measuring each room, opening doors, no problem. I then open the linen closet and it had deep scratch marks on the inside and dents on the back of the door like someone was trying to escape, the freaky part was straight ahead at my head level was a round red splatter pattern on the back wall that had been painted over with a coat of white paint. Freaked me the fuck out, like someone was trapped in there and then someone opened the door and shot them in the head.” — YaSeeTheThingIs

4. A ghost grabbed my hand

“I was walking through the woods with some of my friends at about midnight, having fun and messing around. It was pretty much pitch black in some areas, usually taking about a minute to get to the next light section, and at some point I felt somebody hold my hand, it was very clearly a small, and definitely female hand.

After about a minute we finally got close to the light again and I asked if she was alright, only to look over and notice that everybody else was about two meters behind me, and the only female was at the very back of the group. Almost immediately I felt the pressure leave my hand. I never brought it up with them, because they’d probably just tell me I was imagining things.” — gameaddict877

5. We found blood stains across the ground

“At a hotel in my hometown that everyone breaks into, (its the most famous building in our town and our downtown is super run down). Anyway, me and my two friends crawl through the basement from a side entrance and initially, all we see is spray paint graffiti, but as we make our way up some really steep steps, we see a bunch of dead cats that have been dragged around and left blood stains on the ground. We pretty much booked it the fuck out of there after that. We’re probably going back in a couple of weeks, and that shit better still be there.” — JetStreamWolf12


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