22 Pet Owners Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Caught Their Animal Doing

Unsplash / Janko Ferlic

1. I’m pretty sure my dog can see spirits

“Sometimes my dog will literally just stare into an empty corner of a room and turn her head from side to side. She doesn’t break her gaze unless you physically force her to turn her head. If you approach her from behind while she’s starting at the corner and startle her, she viciously lashes out and bites. She is an otherwise peaceful animal. It makes me wonder if she can see something that I can’t that is threatening.” — nickerygolding

2. My cat batted my picture off of the shelf

“My grandmother had a psycho cat that hated me. One day this cat jumped up on a shelf that contained picture frames of each of my cousins. That cat looked me in the eye as it batted my picture off the shelf but left the other ones in place. She then jumped down and walked away, watching me as she passed.” — Booner999

3. My cat acts like there’s a ghost hidden inside of my closet

“I had a cat years ago that would sit in front of the closet door in my bedroom and just stare at it for long periods of time. That was pretty weird but easy enough to explain. So, I went to the door and picked her up. Everything was cool but she was still staring intently at the door. The second I opened it to reveal an emptyish closet (I had some shoes and a few things hanging up) she hissed, her hair stood on end, and then she bolted.

She kept staring at the door until she died.” — Samizara

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